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Created by: AC van Rijn, Last modification: 20 Jun 2006 (16:06 UTC)


I would like to introduce various features to bitweaver that allow for more opportunities and better regulation of user contributed (meta-)content. Implementation of single features required stipulated for this bounty is allowed, but we will have to discuss the bounty on a per feature basis beforehand.

Quite a few websites that allow for user input (e.g. slashdot) also allow users to determine the minimum quality level of content that is displayed with use of a filter. Bitweaver could allow administrators to enable certain (or all) types of content to be filtered by users. This would be rather useful for bitweaver websites with a lot of user comments or user submitted media content.
My personal requirement in case of this bounty for the filter is that it is based on the 5-star rating system, has a default setting of one star and is applied to all rateable content. But I can imagine that a full bitweaver package would want these settings to be admin configurable.

User Ratings
The ability to rate users' contributions (e.g. comments or wikis) and to keep tally of the average rating of the contributions of a user. This rating should be publically displayed to demonstrate the value of the user to the community. Users who consistently contribute content that is negatively rated (e.g. spammers and vandals) will be easy to detect.

Automated Moderation
Automated moderation of user submitted content would be very useful in fighting spam and other types of unwanted user input on a bitweaver website. I can think of two levels of automation: semi-automatic and fully automatic moderation (although I suppose a hybrid system is also possible).
In case of semi-automatic moderation, content that receives a low rating a certain number of times within a certain timespanne, cause the website administrator to be notified (e.g. by email or at the admin interface). A seperate admin page used to list all content that requires attention from the administrator along with easy delete controls.
Fully automatic moderation would automatically hide content that receives a low rating a certain number of times within a certain timespan, and notify the administrator afterwards. The administrator would then have ability to undo the moderation of the content utilizing a similar approach as with semi-automatic moderation.
My personal requirement for this bounty is just the fully automatic moderation function, along with making the threshold of when content is hidden based on negative feedback admin definable.

Wiki rating per revision
Bitweaver currently only keeps records of the average rating of a wiki page. For the sake of tracking the quality of changes made to wiki pages, it would be useful to also keep track the average rating for every revision made to a wiki page. This would help to detect vandalism, spam or simply low-quality user contributions. If a signifgicant drop in the rating of the wiki would be detected, the wiki could either automatically revert to a previous version or notify a moderator/administrator. When a user edits a wiki, not only the average of all ratings of the wiki should be shown, but also the average of the current revision and the previous revision. This should help a user decide if the wiki should be reverted to its previous revision.
For this specific bounty, I only require the support for automated reversal to previous revisions of a wiki page to be implemented along with admin defineable circumstances under which such a reversal should occur.

This news system is a combination of the systems employed by digg and wikinews. By keeping news articles editable as if they were wiki pages while they are waiting for approval in the "news room", the quality of the article quality can be improved by a distributed effort until it meets the quality standards deemed necessery. In addition, because the average rating of every revision is known, vandalism and abuse can be detected and even automatically repaired.

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The maintainer of the bounty is: Alexander van Rijn,
Please contact him before starting any work on this bounty.

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  • Created 2006-06-16

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by dspt, 17 Jun 2006 (07:10 UTC)
nice to see bounties working and brinning new features to bw.o
Thank you for your imput, AC van Rijn!

by dspt, 01 Aug 2006 (13:29 UTC)
Huh, it's a pity no-one is workin on this one so far... May be it can be split into several smaller tasks?
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