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Created by: xing, Last modification: 15 Dec 2008 (09:04 UTC) by Lester Caine

The Calendar

CalendarPackage is not to be confused with events or diary, or other date related information packages. This is the base package that is used to display date and time related information. People looking for adding event handling to a site should additionally add the EventsPackage in addition to the calendar package.
The calendar can be used to give you details to every modification that occurs on your site, as long as the particular package uses liberty to store it's data. this means that 3rd party applications such as phpBB are not monitored here. View when users joined the site by selecting user information content, or view when articles were posted. The functionality still needs to be enhanced to allow such information as when an article will be displayed from and to.


  • Different views
    • Month
    • Week either horizontally or vertically orientated
    • Day
  • You can select what type of content you want to display in the calendar - blogs, events, articles
  • Monitors changes to any LibertyContent record type making it easy to monitor any changes on your site.
  • Remembers settings, even after closing your browser
Display can be UTC time based, Local time which uses the browser timezone offset, or a fixed timezone. Time Management covers the problems that are overcome by requiring a user to set their local timezone in their profile.
The day display can be tailored for each user or on a site basis. This allows the start and stop times to be set in multiples of hours, along with the time periods of 60,30,20,15,10 or 5 minute steps.
Weekly and monthly display starting day can also be set along with the day settings.

Format of Calendar

The calendar produces a standard gregorian format of display, with week numbers and allows navigation by day, week or month. In addition, the jscalendar pop-up can be enabled where a larger range of selection is required. Historic records are easier to access when one can directly change to a particular date, which the basic navigation does not provide.
Expansion to provide different calendars should be practical since all of the data is internally stored in UTC based timestamps, and currently works back to 100AD without any errors. Expansion beyond that limit is possible if the automatic conversion of two digit year codes is switched off.

Pop-up Details

The calendar provides a pop-up display of content of an item when the mouse passes over the plus sign on the display. This provides detail of the creation date and the last modified date, but needs to be expanded to allow such things as event details or diary entries.


User settings are not being saved.
Focus dates need to be modified to use ISO date format allowing historic content management.
The content pop-up's need to be more configurable, and allow descriptions to be included.
A url method needs to be provided to allow a particular configuration of content and display so that an event diary or a particular historic printout can be created without having to manually select the correct settings.