Adding Commerce to bitweaver

Created by: spiderr, Last modification: 23 Jun 2005 (07:29 UTC)
We hope to add commerce to bitweaver in the near future, but definite plans have not been set in stone yet. for now, here are some possible webapps:

Open-source, php options:
(:razz:) Looks like we have a winner! postgres & mysql. decent templating. great installer. very nice package!!! - spiderr 14-DEC-2004
world class installer. up and running in seconds. mysql only. Many root execed files, and *all* have ... makes for very difficult theme and placing in a center column. - spiderr 14-DEC-2004
I installed this from the version wolffy shoved into bitweaver's cvs. This is a "business sales chain management web application for sole traders to medium business, it is based on ossuite with many customisations." so it's not really a general purpose cart, but would be great as another option. Also seems mysql only at the moment - spiderr 14-DEC-2004
postgres specific cart - appears to be closed source tool written by the guys at planet argon.
PHP , PostgreSQL , and Smarty - seems to be combo of commerce and karma. could be very cool, however, the download seemed to have no installer? - spiderr 14-DEC-2004
installed very easily. not bad looking. mysql only. under the covers there is a lot of mixed SQL and HTML output. Everything filters through a single index.php file, so output buffer capture is probably quite possible. Some concerning schema design choices like: category_id varchar(32) - spiderr 14-DEC-2004
I wrestled this installer for over and hour and finally gave up. Their demo looks decent, but nothing fancy. The unbearably complicated installer was ridiculous and I never got it working. - spiderr 14-DEC-2004
Quick Cart, based on flat files (:eek:) - spiderr 14-DEC-2004
php, mysql seems to have been taken from bits of other apps. install sql failed from the tarball, and I just couldn't get motivated to get it working. - spiderr 14-DEC-2004

not test installed: - fork / collision of PhpNuke and osCommerce. mysql only obviously - spiderr 14-DEC-2004^ mysql only Price: Free / $59.95 to remove copyright mysql only - fork cpg-nuke fork, has amazon support

Commercial and/or non-PHP options: $65 - GeeeekShop, GeeeekInvoice, and GeeeekMember for various shopping options. $185 - Smarty!, php, mysql only, many plugins available at php, mysql only php, mysql only php, mysql only php, mysql only - implemented a small piece of code that designers can paste where they want on the front-end, which pulls in the MySQL/PHP product catalog

Commerce Directories:



by Stephan Borg, 23 Jun 2005 (12:25 UTC)
EzyBiz isn't a shopping cart or commerce type software - its a business ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) application.
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