GmapPackage Configuration Tips

Tips and tricks for using Google Maps on your site

Created by: Will, Last modification: 25 Nov 2008 (20:13 UTC)

Package Service Tips


The GmapPackage can be used as a service to add geo location information to users. This information is then displayed as a small map that floats to the right within their user information panel on the users' page.

The Problem: By default display of a map in the user information panel breaks. It breaks because the user information panel is hidden behind a tab when the users' page loads. Some javascript which tries to access the size of the map iframe gets confused because it is hidden and BOOM it can not size the map properly.

The Solution: Make the user information panel display first on page load. By default the 'user page' information displays first in the list of tabs. To change this copy the template 'users/templates/center_user_wiki_page.tpl' to your theme and edit it. Look for the jstabs 'User Page' and 'User Information'. Make the User Information tab come first, thus it will not be hidden. As an added recommendation you may even merge the content of the user page and the user information, as having two tabs for these may seem a bit extraneous. Just make sure the map is displaying in the first tab displayed and all will work fine.