Created by: Stephan Borg, Last modification: 04 Jul 2004 (07:59 UTC)


LuluBot is an irc bot written in PHP. Its role is to link irc activity to web visibility : logging, requests and queries, interaction, modification of web content from irc, etc ..

It also include all well-known goodies that we can expect from a modern ircbot : google search, dictionnary, fortune cookies, random behaviour, social and protocol dealing. That bot can also become a FOAF relay, and deal with human protocol in irc space.

LuluBot is a rewritting of TikiBot under LGPL licence with wider ability to interact with the web application.

mose at


  1. Extract the source code into a directory not accessible through the web server. If your web application lives at /home/htdocs/mywebapp/, you could place LuluBot in /home/htdocs/lulubot/ for example.
  2. Open conf.php and create/modify:{CODE()}#$confserver>'server' = ''; // your irc server
  3. $confport>'port' = 6667; // your irc port
$confnick>'nick' = 'lulubot'; // your irc nick
$confjoin>'join'[] = '#bitweaver'; // your irc channel
{CODE}You can add multiple join channel lines. The first two settings are default values.
  1. By default, a number of skills will be enabled, which can be seen in conf.php. You configure custom skills from here, for example:{CODE()}$confskills>'skills'[] = 'bitweaver';
define('BITWEAVER_NAME', 'tp.o');
define('BITWEAVER_PATH', '/home/htdocs/mywebapp/'); // don't forget ending slash
define('BITWEAVER_URL', ''); // don't forget ending slash{CODE}
  1. Once complete, you execute LuluBot. Enter php lulubot_go.php one the command line.



  • outputs the lame factor for a given nickname.
  • syntax: ,n <nick>
<mose> ,n huhu
<lulubot8626> mose: 'huhu' is 0% lame


  • simple thesaurus of keywords associated with definitions.
  • syntax: ,f <keyword>
<mose> ,f mose
<lulu> mose: mose = geek of all trades
  • syntax: ,f- <keyword>
*** needs operator status ***
<mose> ,f- mose
<lulu> mose: okay I removed mose.
  • syntax: ,f+ <keyword><definition>
*** needs operator status ***
<mose> ,f+ mose geek of all trades
<lulu> mose: okay I stored mose.
Note: faqs are stored in skills/faq/faq.#channel.txt files


  • the traditional wisdom random dispatcher.
  • syntax: ,o
<mose> ,o
<lulu> mose: BOFH excuse #437: crop circles in the corn shell


  • wellknown search engine at
  • syntax: ,g <words>
<mose> ,g lulu books
<lulu> mose: Books: Books : Lulu - url:


  • gives syntax of php functions.
  • syntax: ,php <function>
<mose> ,php strtok
<lulu> mose: strtok (string arg1, string arg2) - Tokenize string


  • Translates strings using babelfish.
  • syntax: ,tr <lang_lang><anything>
<mose> ,tr en_fr hello kids
<lulu> mose: (en_fr) hello kids = bonjour gosses
Available languages :
en_zh, en_fr, en_de, en_it, en_ja, en_ko, en_pt, en_es,
zh_en, fr_en, fr_de, de_en, de_fr, it_en, ja_en, ko_en,
pt_en, ru_en, es_en


  • provide the ability to communicate with a local tikiwiki.
  • syntax: ,tw <command><parameters>
<mose> ,tw help
<lulu> mose: ,tw help who stats rpage dir find


  • provide the ability to communicate with a local bitweaver.
  • syntax: ,tp <command><parameters>
<mose> ,tp help
<lulu> mose: ,tp help who stats rpage dir find

Send new skills to mose at mose . fr</lulu></mose></parameters></command></lulu></mose></parameters></command></lulu></mose></anything></lang_lang></lulu></mose></function></lulu></mose></words></lulu></mose></lulu></mose></definition></keyword></lulu></mose></keyword></lulu></mose></keyword></lulubot8626></mose></nick>