Mail-in Wiki and Article Updates

Created by: SEWilco, Last modification: 06 Dec 2004 (06:34 UTC)
Administrators can enable the Mail-in feature to allow user access to retrieve Wiki entries and update Wiki and Article entries.

The configuration defines access to a email accounts to be checked for access commands.

Accounts can be defined for several types of activity:
  • article-put: New Article created with specified Subject and Article Heading from the message body. Article topic and type are specified when the account is configured.

  • wiki-get: Subject specifies a Wiki page name which will be sent.
  • wiki-put: Subject specifies a Wiki page name to be overwritten with message body.
  • wiki-append: Subject specifies a Wiki page name to have appended the message body.
  • wiki-prepend: Subject specifies a Wiki page name to have the message body inserted before the current content.

  • wiki: Subject specifies what to do with the message body.
    • GET:pagename
    • PUT:pagename
    • APPEND:pagename
    • PREPEND:pagename

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