Created by: Stephan Borg, Last modification: 29 Jan 2005 (04:03 UTC)
For those of you trying to install bitweaver on a SELinux enabled system, you've got to know some simple commands.

Firstly, apply the usual permissions and owner changes, using /install/

Next, you'll want to default the SELinux permissions on the entire directory. From the top of your bitweaver install:
{CODE()}# restorecon . -R{CODE}

Lastly, you'll find bitweaver complaining that it can't write to certain files and directories. The permissions should be set correctly from, but now you need to apply the SELinux permissions.

For each directory that bitweaver complains about, execute the following.
{CODE()}# chcon -R -t httpd_sys_content_t kernel/backups/ kernel/dump/ temp/{CODE}
Where kernel/backups/, kernel/dump/ and temp/ are directories bitweaver needs writeable access too.

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