Instructions on how to setup BitWeaver on Microsoft SQL Server

Created by: Chris Ruggles, Last modification: 28 Aug 2005 (10:31 UTC) by Stephan Borg
You should first read How to install Bitweaver under IIS 5 (SetupIIS).

This guide assumes (and has been tested on):
  • Windows 2000 Server
  • IIS 5.0
  • MS-SQL Server 2000 or MS-SQL Server 2000 Desktop Edition (MSDE)
  • Bitweaver 1.0.3+
  • PHP 4.3+ or 5.0.4+

  1. SetupIIS
    • I had to set up IIS to use ISAPI - don't remember atm if this was a MSSQL-specific thing or just a Windows / IIS specific thing - cruggles
  2. Setup PHP (with ISAPI)
    • Download the PHP 4.x.x or PHP 5.x.x zip package
    • Extract php-x.x.x-Win32\extensions\ php_mssql.dll to C:\ PHP
    • Uncomment extension=php_mssql.dll to the extensions section of php.ini
    • PHP5: Add php5isapi.dll against ".php" to Application extension mappings
  3. Setup DB
    • TIP: To set up the databases you can use Enterprise Manager (for SQL Server) or another tool (MSDE does not ship with Enterprise Manager). A good, free one is DBA Manager 2k. The new SQL Server 2005 Express release can also be used, and there is a tool on the Microsoft site which allows you to browse your databases (you have to use SQL to make any changes though).
    • In Enterprise Manager, right-click on the database server, and select Properties
      • Change to the Security tab, and change Authentication to SQL Server and Windows
      • Press OK - you will be prompted to restart the SQL Server service.
    • Expand folders until you see the Security / Logins folder
      • Right-click and select New login...
      • Enter database user name eg bitweaver
      • For Authentication, select SQL Server Authentication
      • Enter a password
      • Switch to the Server Roles tab, and check the System Administrators checkbox
      • Press OK and confirm your password
    • Right-click on the Databases folder and select New Database...
      • Enter a Name eg bitweaver
      • Press OK
    • Right-click on the newly created database, and select __New / Database User..._
      • For Login name, select previously created user eg bitweaver
      • Check the db_owner checkbox
      • Press OK
  4. Visit your homepage http://localhost/bitweaver/install/install.php
  5. Follow the step and when prompted for database connection details, enter the information as created above.
  6. If you are unsuccessful at installing, you may need to do the following to get it to work- cruggles:
    1. Change /util/phpsniff/phpSniff.class.php line 188 HTTP_SERVER_VARS to _SERVER
    2. Change /util/adodb/drivers/ line 661 - 666 from:

{CODE()}if ($len > 4000 ) {
// NVARCHAR is max 4000 chars. Let's use NTEXT
$decl .= "@P$i NTEXT";
} else {
$decl .= "@P$i NVARCHAR($len)";
$params .= "@P$i=N". (strncmp($v,"'",1)==0? $v : $this->qstr($v));{CODE}
{CODE()}$decl .= "@P$i VARCHAR($len)";
$params .= "@P$i=". (strncmp($v,"'",1)==0? $v : $this->qstr($v));{CODE}
Can this be adjusted from PHP.INI? - wolff_borg:
; Valid range 0 - 2147483647. Default = 4096.
;mssql.textlimit = 4096

; Valid range 0 - 2147483647. Default = 4096.
;mssql.textsize = 4096

Outstanding issues:
  • Concatenates wiki body text (assuming at 255 chars)
I think this is a general IE bug? SF#1258034 - wolff_borg


by Chris Ruggles, 03 Aug 2005 (07:09 UTC)
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