Squirrel Mail Integration Tutorial

Webmail possible?

Created by: Anonymous, Last modification: 21 Mar 2005 (15:13 UTC) by fire
Hi everyone,

I want to integrate web mail into my website...
One host I am looking at - provides squirrel mail.

Anyone wanna help me with this Project?(:smile:)
Is there any other webmail app that we can use?
I saw SEWilco started a WebMail package, but it doesnt look like it is in the latest beta.... what gives? Does this package work? My host provides unlimitted pop accounts

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by , 11 Sep 2006 (10:52 UTC)
I found roundcube a lot smoother than squirrel mail. Just more polished, would fit better with BW.

Also interested

by , 23 Feb 2007 (15:36 UTC)

I am also interested in webmail integration. Created forum topic on it - Email client package.
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