Variations of the same style using the 'alternate' sub-directory

Created by: xing, Last modification: 12 Nov 2008 (09:41 UTC)
Style variations are variations of an existing style modifying only a few aspects of the style.

R1 alternate styles

In R1 it was possible to include css files in a directory called alternate in your themes/styles/style/ directory. these alternate styles were then included in your <head> part as alternate CSS files that can be chosen by the user in the browser preferences (not supported by all browsers). Since this selection is not persistent, there isn't really that much point to them and slows down the page loading process somewhat due to the increased number of included files.

R2 alternate styles

Since R2, the behaviour of the alternate directory has been modified in a way that you can pick any of the alternate styles as a persistent style in the Admin --> Themes --> Themes Manager page. This makes it very easy for style creators to include variations of the same style with little effort...