brainstorming multisite support


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by dspt, 29 Mar 2006 (09:17 UTC)
Nice but requires multisites to be a part of core instead of module. Not many people need multisites, so I guess we should consider thinking of multisites as an option that stands apart

by openmacnews, 29 Mar 2006 (19:41 UTC)
existing MultiSites module, though topically named the same, really is a different metaphor --
-- iiuc, it's "just" multihoming ... i.e., same site, diffferent theme, based on URL.

i agree with you that my 'rant' above would need to be in core. i'm not at all clear how to effect the 'stands apart' aspect ...

bw.o seems to be great for single site ...
but the current lack (?) of:

(1) table sharing across DBs/schemas (e.g. to allow for a single sign on & ecommerce payment across multiple sites), and
(2) per site config and overrides

throws a monkey-wrench into implementation/roll-out.

as for "not many people need multisites" ... i'd agree that may be true in current bw.o space, but in my experience, i've found it's been quite a frequent requirement in other projects' user communities.
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