Smarty plugin {libertypagination}

Created by: Lester Caine, Last modification: 18 Aug 2005 (12:02 UTC)
This provides a means of paging through longer lists of data using an up and down arrow.
In addition, if the 'direct_pagination' feature is enabled, then a direct page number can be entered jump directly to

- numPages Number of pages in total
- page current page
- pgnName (optional) parameter name used by script to find page you're on. defaults to page
- ianchor (optional) set an anchor
- ihash (optional) you can pass in all the above as an array called ihash or secondary * items common to all links
The ihash option allow the inclusion of additional link values as provided for smartlink navigation
Output: url of the form: $PHP_SELF?attribute1=value1&attribute2=value2