dbTuning: FirebirdSupport

Created by: Lester Caine, Last modification: 26 May 2005 (18:31 UTC)


A large number of tools are available for Firebird, some free, some commercial. There are admin tools, tools for developers, UDF libraries, Connectivity tools and more (see the links section below).

Support and Resources

On www.firebirdsql.org, the home of Firebird, there are many useful links about the project.
The company IBPhoenix offers various contracts for professional support by people with long-term experience. On their website there is also a wealth of tech infos, how-tos and in- depth documentation available.


There is an ever growing community of Firebird users and various newsgroups to supply instant online support. On the project homepage there is a full list of all newsgroups about Firebird (see below).