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How to install bitweaver

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This page is about the installer package and not about the install process per se. if you are looking for information on how to install bitweaver, please visit InstallbitweaverDoc and bitweaverRequirements.

Required or not?

The installer is required when you first install bitweaver and when you want to (re)install new packages. If you are sure you don't need to install any additional packages in the future, you can go ahead and delete the installer package. we recommend you keep it handy in case you change your mind. for advanced security please see below.

Revisiting the Installer

Adding new packages

After the installation has completed, you can download new packages and place the files in your bitweaver root directory. That is the directory that contains all the package directories such as kernel/ languages/ users/ util/ ... Once the new package is in place, the packages will appear on the Kernel --> Packages page. If the package requires installation, you will see an Install tab with will list the packages that are ready for installation and a link that will take you to the installer. Just follow the installation instructions and your new package should be ready in no time.

Reinstalling (Desinstalling) Packages

Once your system is up and running, you can revisit the installer at any time. It will give you options to re-install already installed packages. This will remove all the data in the tables associated with that package. This means that you will not be able to retrieve the associated data anymore.


The bitweaver installer is very powerful since it allows you to install an new system, add new packages, upgrade and existing package and even migrate from one database type to another. we have made sure that you can only access the installer as administrator, however, we still recommend that you take some basic precautions.

the 2 most effective methods are:
  • disallow access to the install/ directory or the install.php file by changing the permissions
  • alternatively you can rename install_inc.php to install_inc.done

Rocking stuff

i just have to mention this at this point: our installer absolutely rocks. if you don't believe me, you should give it a spin!

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