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 __NOTE:__ Because a user can belong to many different Groups, each users Home Page is defined by that users Default Group. New users should automatically be assigned to the Registered Group – but existing users may not be. Setting the Default Group is done on the Admin/Users page. Selecting the Key icon for a user - select the Default Group and hit the Set button.
 ::{picture file=/img/wiki_up//HomePageTutorial-5.gif}::
+__Notice__: The home page setting acts as redirect: after the ===yoursite.com/index.php=== is requested, it feeds new address to the browser, like ===yoursite.com/package/index.php===.
+It is sometimes desirable to set the home page without redirect, mostly for SEO reasons, as search engine spiders persieve redurects as an attempt to manipulate them.
+In such cases the easyest solution is to use ))mod_rewrite((:
+*check if ))mod_rewrite(( is on in your PHP settings (there's some other wiki page explaining how to turn it on if it's not)
+*add to the .htaccess line: ))DirectoryIndex(( /++yellow:package++/++yellow:page++.php
+*set the active package manually by adding to kernel/config_inc.php this line: {code}if( dirname( $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'] ) == '' ) { define( 'ACTIVE_PACKGE', 'home-package(usually wiki)' ); }{/code}
+You are set!
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