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!My Site Stylist

my site stylist is a configurable graphical user interface to modify (perhaps even create) new themes.

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!!admin area
the admin area allows you to define what tags, classes and ids can be modified by users using the stylist. this allows the admin total control over how much can be modified.
e.g. if you don't want the users to change the banner you have put up, don't allow users to change the settings for #tikitop.
in addition it's possible to define what properties can be set.

!!original files are never modified
stylist doen't modify any of the original files but either creates new files that are loaded in addition to the original <style>.css file (when you use the graphical user interface(GUI)) or it creates a copy of the original file that is loaded instead of the original <style>.css file.

!!global style modifications
depending on your permissions it is possible to create global css files. the global css modifications you make (be it with or without the GUI) are visible to all users using that particular theme.

stylist allows you (depending on the settings in the admin section) to upload your own images and thus customise the feel for your site without actually having to touch the css file directly or the need of ftp.

it is possible to work on any style that is available without having to change the theme set in your preferences. to simply this task, it is possible to preview the style you are working on and thus see all changes you make after every time you save the modifications you have made.

!!personal style manager
there is an integrated custom style manager which gives you an overview of all styles you have already modified and what images are available for every one of them. also, you have the option to delete custom modifications if you wish to do so.

!!permissions and preferences that are available
tiki_p_admin_stylist|user has the right to set tags, ids and classes that can be modified by other users
tiki_p_edit_global|user has rights to edit the global css
tiki_p_edit_css|user can edit a copy of the original css file using a textarea. the user has no constraints on what the css file contains
tiki_p_use_stylist|if the user is allowed to use the stylist at all
tiki_p_no_max_file_size|user isn't bound to the preference set in max_file_size
max_file_size|set MAX_FILE_SIZE for image upload (if not set, or tiki_p_no_max_file_size is set) it defaults to 10MB
use_color_picker|should we use the color picker popup window?

!!loading of css files - full listing
|| |file|location|notes
1|base.css|themes/|this is always loaded and helps functionality of site|
2|<style>.css|storage/users/<user_id>%1000/<user_id>/themes|if found, continue with # 3
| |storage/themes|if found, continue with # 3
| |themes/<style>|if found, continue with # 3
4|custom.css|storage/users/<user_id>%1000/<user_id>/themes|last file
| |storage/themes|last file
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