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-Resource Description Framework (RDF) Site Summary (RSS) is a lightweight multipurpose extensible metadata description and syndication format. It allows users to read headlines from your site with a dedicated RSS reader.
+__Bitweaver's RSS package both generates RSS feeds ''from your site'', and lets you include RSS feeds from other sites ''into your site''.__ Generally speaking, Resource Description Framework (RDF) Site Summary (RSS) allows users to read headlines from your site with a dedicated application. As of bitweaver version 2, the RSS package uses [http://simplepie.org/|SimplePie] library to process feeds.
-* Wiki: http://www.yoursite.com/bitweaver/rss/wiki_rss.php
+! Feeds from your site
+Feeds ''from'' your site are listed at ''http://yoursite.com/rss/''. Go to ''Administration > RSS > RSS Settings'' to control which content is available as RSS feeds in which formats.
+! Importing feeds into your site
+# go to Administration > RSS > RSS Modules
+# insert the details from another site's RSS feed
+# now, there are 2 ways to display the streams on your own site
+** __display feeds in wiki pages__: Upon editing a wiki page, insert the following code and fill in the appropriate parameters (at least ''id''). If the feature ''wiki plugin help'' is enabled, it shows details and examples like the one below.
+** __display feeds in columns__: To include a feed from another site into one of your columns (or top or bottom areas), go to ''Administration > Layout'' and find your RSS module in the dropdown of available modules. After you added it, insert parameters into the according input field. The module accepts multiple feeds in one – you can mix items from different feeds and have them displayed by most recently posted. To do that, pass in more values to the ''id'' parameter: ''id=1,2,4''.
+! Parameters
+;__id__: the id of the RSS feed as shown on the admin page
+;__max__: number of feed items to display, example: ''max=10'', (standard: 10)
+;__desc_length__: if set, a short description of N characters is added to each feed item, example: ''desc_length=200''
+;__desc__: if ''desc'' is set and no desc_length is given, the full description/content of each item is shown, example: ''desc=y''
+! Example
+{RSS id=1,2,3 max=15 desc=y desc_length=200}
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