History of CssChangelog

list of changes that have occurred in the template files that have an impact on css files

Finally we have the templates more or less in a usable state and we are now starting to document template changes that affect css classes globally.

!Clyde CSS changes
!!!2005-04-22 - xing
* moving from .contain and .admin to .display, .edit, .listing and .admin
** for more information view FutureTemplate

!!!2005-03-17 - xing
* started conversion of .navbar to different types of bars
** tools --> class="pageactions tools"
** tabs --> class="pageactions tabs"
** sorting --> class="pageactions sort"
** for more information view FutureTemplate

!!!2005-02-05 - xing
* some tables are replaced with easily viewable item listings that contain a lot of data. tables are cumbersome and not practical when viewing a lot of data at once.
<ul class="data">
<li class="item odd">item 1</li>
<li class="item even">item 2</li>
<li class="item odd">item 3</li>

!!!2005-02-03 - xing
* forgot to mention that we want to change the navbar from just being links, into a <ul> list of items. this is backwards compatible with the previous system. so it's:
<div class="navbar">
<li><a href="url1">link1</a></li>
<li><a href="url2">link2</a></li>
<li><a href="url3">link3</a></li>

!!!2005-02-02 - xing
* decided to replace and expand the containing dev classes. currently we only use .admin <pkg> and .contain <pkg>. this will be changed to
** .admin <pkg>
** .edit <pkg>
** .listing <pkg>
** .display <pkg>

!!!2005-01-26 - xing
* added the class .menu to the top menu bar. this is now conform with other menus in tp

!!!2005-01-24 - xing
* removed inclusion of base.css from the <head> section. you can still use base.css by adding
+ @import url('../../base.css');
+ to the top line of your css file (has to be line 1)

!!!2004-12-28 - xing
* removed any occurances of target="..." since that attribute isn't allowed in XHTML 1.0 Strict anymore
* introduced new class="external" for links leaving site. this class can be used to highlight links that leave the site to 'warn' the user (currently style is set in base.css)
* internal links don't warrant a special class as all links are considered internal.
* removed more pesky tikiwiki classes
** tikilink
** rsslink
** rssitem
** ...

!!!2004-12-13 - xing
* changed div .appmenu and .admenu to .menu
+ (it is still possible to access these module individually by using the unique module css class)
* above change makes it possible to use .head and .item for the menus instead of .menuhead and .menuoption
* to update your custom css file do the following:
+ .menuhead --> .menu .head
+ .menuoption --> .menu .item
* menu structure has also changed somewhat to accomodate for the new css driven dropdown menus. all menus are now unordered lists. this should not concern you though, as the basic styling of the list is taken care of base.css. see ReleaseClydeChangelog
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