History of SELinux

For those of you trying to install bitweaver on a SELinux enabled system, you've got to know some simple commands.

Firstly, apply the usual permissions and owner changes, using __/install/setup.sh__.

Next, you'll want to default the SELinux permissions on the entire directory. From the top of your bitweaver install:
{CODE()}# restorecon . -R{CODE}

Lastly, you'll find bitweaver complaining that it can't write to certain files and directories. The permissions should be set correctly from __setup.sh__, but now you need to apply the SELinux permissions.

For each directory that bitweaver complains about, execute the following.
{CODE()}# chcon -R -t httpd_sys_content_t kernel/backups/ kernel/dump/ temp/{CODE}
Where __kernel/backups/__, __kernel/dump/__ and __temp/__ are directories bitweaver needs writeable access too.

If you've got any further problems, post a message on our mailing list at [mailto:bitweaver-development@lists.sourceforge.net|bitweaver-development@lists.sourceforge.net].

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