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Why others are using bitweaver, and why you should too!

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/spider, founder and a lead dev says why he uses bitweaver:

"First and foremost, I need the large grain modularity so I can make my own packages and also remain with CVS for core code. Second, I need postgres support. I do not know of a CMS/Framework that offers that besides bitweaver."

/KainX says:

"I chose BW because of its superior modularity in design and faster operation (as a result thereof), not because other projects are "beginning to atrophy." Most CMS's can help you get a site up and running quickly. BW wins IMHO with its package/service engine. Instead of having to choose between a butter knife and a swiss army knife, you can build your own custom knife out of only the swiss army parts you need."

/lphuberdeau says

"bw's modularity is probably the best I've seen in a CMS simply because the modules can affect the rest of the application and not only be used as blocks"

/hawkeye07 says:

"i love bw because i can rapidly build websites simply and easily. mostly used to promote projects or hobbies"

Why do you use bitweaver? Leave your thoughts here...
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