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brief introduction of what S5 can do for you

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S5 is a great slideshow system

Any WikiPage can be turned into a full featured slideshow. Slides are separated at every <H1> heading ( ! - wiki syntax ) and can be viewed using mozilla based browsers such as Firefox ( requires javascript on ) or Opera ( need to press F11 to start the show ).

S5 Flexibility

you can use S5 slideshows to give a presentation and then just press the print button to print out the CSS styled text and hand them out.
no need to create seperate files anymore.

Use TikiPro

it will be possible to choose from a selection of themes and once you are done editing your slideshow, you can press and button to export the show as a zip file. this can then be extracted on any computer making it easy to email to other users or use at presentations.

Further Information

for more information of the slideshows, please visit http://www.meyerweb.com/eric/tools/s5/
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