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Accessing Tikipro CVS Via Eclipse

Created by: Lester Caine, Last modification: 13 May 2005 (11:42 UTC) by Lester Caine
In order to access the Tikipro CVS from Eclipse, a connection needs to be established to cvs.sourceforge.net
This can be established in one of two ways. If you do not already have an account with sourceforge which is registered with Tikipro you will have to use anonymous access which can be some way behind the current CVS updates.

Select the CVS Repositories perspective
Add a new repository location ( Right click in list and select New->Repository Location )
Set host to -> cvs.sf.net
Set Repository path to -> /cvsroot/tikipro
Set User to -> anonymous
Set Password to -> (leave blank)
Set Connection type to -> pserver

This will create an entry in the list.
Right Click on this entry and select Properties to allow you to 'Use a custom label' which you can set to Tikipro rather than the log default setting

If you are a registered developer, then you can use secure access which follows the same setup sequence, except you use your own sorceforge username and password, and set connection type to extssh.

Once you have a connection to soureforge, a list of projects available under HEAD will be listed, go down to clyde near the bottom, and via right click select Check Out to build a local copy of the current clyde version of the CVS.

This will be expanded as required and has just bee created as a crib so *I* can reset my Eclipse configuration as required (:biggrin:)
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