Some background information on why TikiPro exists and what we'd like to achieve can be found here: TikiWiki_and_TikiPro

the differences between tikipro and tikiwiki are numerous to say the least. here are some important differences:

We have made it a top priority to keep database access numbers to a complete minimum as these can usually be seen as the bottlneck in this type of application. we have reduced the database access number from a whopping 250 to a mere 40 or so for an average page load - and there is still room for improvement!

TikiPro has experienced an immense amount of code rewrites and code updates. probably the most notable feature however, is the fact that TikiPro is now completely modular! this means that you can simply install a new package (formerly called feature) and enhance the functionality of your TikiPro install. it is equally possible to uninstall, or even delete an entire folder from your server without any consequences (save the required folders of course).

Since TikiPro is still very young, it doesn't provide as many bells and whistles as TikiWiki does. we don't have as many 'features'. however, we anticipate that this will change quickly and dramatically as our user and developer base grows, which is innevitable. more information can be found at TikiProFeatures

the main changes include sophisticated css class selectors which make styling easy, flexible and incredibly powerful. as a comparison, our css files in general are about 10 - 15 kb compared to the the overwhelming 50 - 65 kb in tikiwiki.
for more information see CssSchema.

We have also removed __a ton__ of useless css classes and replaced the with the appropriate HTML tags. e.g.: <td class="tableheading"> is now <th>

!!XHTML Compliancy
additionally we check virtually all pages on w3c for XHTML 1.0 Strict compliancy and don't commit before no warnings are issued. we must admit, this is tonnes of work, but our templates are now easy to read and work with. despite the indenting and easy to read templates, our output is smaller than that of tikiwiki since we strip all our templates or excess white space, making download times shorter. if you are interested, you can view the source code of this page.

We have introduced a number of changes improving usability and user friendliness of TikiPro:
;inline help: the most important usability update is the fact that we provide inline help next to virtually every form input, which gives a short description of what a given setting does.
;tabs: throughout the administration section we use javascript degradable tabs, which allows us to hide non essential settings and make the administration screens a more pleasant and powerful area to work in.
;icons: we are currently using icons derived from gnome for most of our icons, which gives the entire application a common feel and provides a comfortable environment.
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