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 !bitweaver Documentation Project
 bitweaver is continually improving it's stability, usability, flexibility and power. The rate at which this is happening is quite astonishing and bitweaver has come a long way since it's birth, just over a year ago. Documentation of this progress and explanation of features to new users is essential for a working community.
-Since bitweaver is a fork of TikiWiki it might be possible that you can find relevant information at their site as well.
+Since bitweaver is a fork of ((TikiWiki)) it might be possible that you can find relevant [http://tikiwiki.org|information at their site ]as well.
 If you feel that you can contribute in any way, all you need to do is register with this site and then you can modify any wiki page or join in discussions in the forums. We are in dire need of people who like documenting applications such as bitweaver. We have also recently fixed our __internationalisation system__ and are now looking for translators, who can translate bitweaver into ''any'' language. To do so, please contact us in one of the ways mentioned below and we will give you the appropriate permissions to mess around with the languages.

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 !Where do i start?
 !!Background Information
 If you are new to bitweaver altogether, you might want to visit some of these pages:
-* bitweaverRoadMap - some history as to why the project was started and where we are going
-* bitweaverOverview - general introduction to what we do
-* bitweaverFeatures - list of available packages and what they do
+* ((Roadmap)) - some history as to why the project was started and where we are going
+* ((bitweaverOverview)) - general introduction to what we do
+* ((bitweaverFeatures)) - list of available packages and what they do
 If you would prefer delving into the more involved areas of bitweaver, such as tutorials, we can recommend some of the following pages:

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 ! Requests
 If the site content license permits it, would it be possible to include a (layout-reduced and image-free) .html copy of the project site as part of the documentation? If so much information is available it definitely makes sense to give them users right 'at hand' (moreover not everybody is at broadband at home, so the docs eventually inaccessible if they're not part of the distribution). -- mario
+[http://www.rushessay.com|Essay writers], [http://www.bing.com|MS Search Engine] for the related topic.
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