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Eating my own dog food re SDLC's - wolff_borg

Feasibility Study

There have been requests for an LDAP compatible Contacts address book, which was started by lsces. I've provided an overview of LDAPCompatibility here.

Analysis and Specifications v1.0 - due 17 July 2005

Requirements for v1.0 are:
  • Data field compatibility with LDAP ie single contact can have unlimited multiple occurance of attributes - wolff_borg
    • Optional auto-update to/from LDAP server (synchronised LibertyContent storage) - wolff_borg
    • Optional direct LDAP communications (minimal LibertyContent storage) - wolff_borg
  • Storage of contact data in XML format in LibertyContent - lsces, jht001
    • Use of LibertyStructures to organise data - xing
    • Contacts management should be defined as just another layer of Liberty - jht001, lsces
    • If feasible, sub-class LibertyStorage to allow LDAP as a minimal storage mechanism - wolff_borg
    • Store variable data like this in a LibertyContent record without needing extra database fields - lsces
  • Forms using fieled type plugins to automatically generate, based on XML content - xing
    • ModelViewController segregation between the data manipulation and the form display - wolff_borg
    • A generic dynamic form that can be applied to other packages - xing, jht001
    • A LibertyPlugin for a form element that takes a name, type and value - lsces
    • The ability to update the page with values returned from the form dependent on the type values - lsces
    • The plugin would take an array (name, type and value) - lsces, xing
    • Ideally we need a LibertyContent extension that will return a value(s) for a name element in a page - lsces
    • Example: Date field, including calendar type (Julian, Gregorian), Javascript GUI, etc - lsces
  • Ability to search generically at an attribute level - lsces
    • The search package can scan a LibertyForm page and extract field/value elements and add them to the search indexes - lsces
  • Provide plugins for LibertyContent to access Contact records - wolff_borg

Analysis and Specifications v1.1 - TBA

  • Storage in other formats (LibertyFormats) - such as LDIF and field_type: value


This is an interesting interview that talks about LDAP vs XML, and the use of XML for CMS systems
These talk about using XML with LDAP

Design, Documentation and Quality Assurance




Systems Implementation


Systems Maintenance

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