This is a proposal page for the ))CssChanger(( Data Plugin. Any information given here is subject to change without notification. The ))CssChanger(( Plugin does __Not Exist__ at this time.
! Introduction
The idea behind this plugin is that nearly everything in bitweaver is controlled by Css Files - which is great most of the time. I am not trying to rag anybody about anything - but the simple fact is __I Am A Control Freak__. (:cool:)
On the pages I create - I want to be able to control the look and feal of the page - at least to a degree.
As an example:
^__::(:redface:) I think this Box looks - well - Ugly! (:redface:)::__^
Sorry - but it just doesn't do anything for me. (:cry:)
As far as it goes - (to me at least) the following does not look all that much like a Title Bar. It looks more like ordinary text than anything else.
The lines are there - but you have to LOOK to notice them. To me - I would prefer something like this:
__::---------------------------------------------- ))TitleBar(( ----------------------------------------------::__
! So What Would It Do?
It would give the user the option of redefining the Css - For this page only - to make it look the way he wants it to look.
I really don't know if this is possible or not. I think it is worth the effort to find out if it can be done.
! Who Would Use This Plugin?
Each and every one of your Advanced Users who also happens to be an Anal-Retentive-Control-Freak.
! How Would It Be Used?
By entering ~np~{CSS item='xxxx' value='xxxxx'}~/np~
Where __item__ would be a large number of __))KeyWords((__ built into the Plugin.
And the __value__ parameter would be specific to each __))KeyWord((__ / an __HTML Color Number__ / or an __Option Number__ like this:
__item=))TitleBar((__ & __value=1=this/2=that/3=something else__

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