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I originally named this Plugin HideText - and then my sense of humor got a hold of both of us - and we took a trip to never-never land. What kind of people hide things in plain sight? Well - Spy's Do. And the idea gave itself a new name SpyText while I fell off my chair laughing about it. If you don't see anything humorious in all of this - take a l look at the code - there's a Spy on nearly every line.

Summary - So What does it Do?

All that SpyText does is Hide stuff. It will Hide text (or anything else) so that only specific people (Spy(s)) or Groups (Agency(s)) can see them. It works the old fashioned way - by encasing the data between a pair of Code Blocks - Like This:
The data can extend as far as you like - and will be displayed in a div box

Parameters - How Do I Call It?

{ SPYTEXT spy= agency= sender= to= hidden= title= width= icon= alert= }
  • spy A list of UserName's who will be able to see your hidden message
  • agency A list of GroupsName's that will be able to see your hidden message
  • sender A list of UserName's who claim responsibility for sending the message?
  • to An Extra Box showing the spy/agency/sender
  • hidden When Set / The Message is in a DropDown Box with only an Icon or Title Bar showing.
  • title A replacement for the Default Title
  • width Provides a little control over the appearance of the Title Bar
  • icon Used as a replacement to the Title Bar
  • alert Wake that dummy up with an Alert Box

A Important Visibility Note:

By Default - everything encapsulated with in the SpyText Code Blocks is Not Displayed. i.e. Nobody will see the contents unless you say they can. Nobody that is - except the Administrator - who can always see it. I made that little mistake while writing this page. It looked great - it was really was too bad that nobody could see any of my examples.


SpyText Without Data - Nothing is Displayed

-->{SPYTEXT }{SPYTEXT}<-- This shows the result of Calling the Plugin without Data - a single space
NOTE This applies if:
The current user is not on the list of users(spy) - AND - The current user is not in the list of the groups(agency)
See the Note on Visibility (above).

All of the Examples on this page have agency='Registered' specified so that they are visible to everyone
Which brings up something kind of Cute
Anonymous user will not be able to see any of the Examples on this page
Try Looking at this page without being logged in - None of the SpyText messages are visible

Of Course - that wouldn't be worth spit if it couldn't be reversed - The next example show how to do that.

SpyText With / spy='Guest' - ONLY an Anonymous Users can see it

{SPYTEXT spy='Guest' }Data{SPYTEXT}
Hint - Don't try adding "Anonymous" to the list of groups(agency)
Doing that will allow Anonymous Users to view the message
But because of the way Groups function - EVERY User will be able to see it

Let's Play a Buildup Game - Each Call Adds to the Original

SpyText Visible to All Registered Users

{ SPYTEXT agency='Registered' }Data{SPYTEXT}
{SPYTEXT agency='Registered' }Data{SPYTEXT}

SpyText Add the Expandable Address Box


SpyText Displaying Only Valid Users


SpyText Displaying Only Valid Groups


SpyText Displaying Only Valid Senders (Users)


Starting Over

SpyText Testing to - Replacing a Single Header


SpyText Testing to - Not Assigning Enough Headers


SpyText Testing to - Assigning all new Headers


OK - Lets Get Hidden

A SpyText Message will be hidden if the hidden parameter is set TRUE
The link to Expand/Contract the Message is the Title or Icon displayed.

A Important Note on Hidden Messages

The SpyText Plugin uses an Alert Box to notify the Administrator that a page has Hidden Text on it. This may be a mistake - but for now that is how it is. That means that each time an Admin looks at this page - he/she will have 7 Alert Boxes to respond to.
The reason I'm saying this is - Like everything else - Hidden SpyText Messages can be abusive if overused. If you really want to play games with your Admin - just dump a hundred Hidden SpyText Messages on every page you can edit. See how long it takes before you can never login again.

Starting Over - Again

SpyText Hidden Only


SpyText Changing the Title & the Width of the Title


SpyText Add the Expandable Address Box


OK - Lets Do Icons

Starting Over - Part 3

SpyText Default Icon


SpyText Add the Expandable Address Box


SpyText Give the Icon a URL

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