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-::This page is a stub - please enter more info::
+This is a mandatory component of bitweaver and is used to make the selection of languages possible.
-Important pages are LanguagesResearch and LanguagesChangelog. There is also a [/forums/viewforum.php?f=14|dedicated forum].
+This package is rather sophisticated since we have a rather unique translation interface. There is no need to modify massive textfiles with a text editor or play around with 3rd party software.
+!Translating bitweaver
+All you need to do is enter the languages package and start translating. We have a good tutorial on ((TranslationTutorial|how to do translations))
+!More Links
+* [/languages/edit_languages.php|Translate Bitweaver]
+* LanguagesResearch
+* LanguagesChangelog
+* TranslationTutorial
+* There is also a [/forums/viewforum.php?f=14|dedicated forum].
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