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 To create a new process give it a short name, and a longer description. At this time the process cannot be made active.
 Press the create button.
+''Edit an existing process''
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+To edit an existing process scroll down to the "List of Processes" and choose either the new major or new minor version links for the process you want to edit.
+Major or Minor refers to the way the version number of the process is changed.
+''Importing a process''
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+The workflow engine in another BW application can be used to export a process to an .xml file, it will contain all the design elements but not the data.
+This .xml file can then be imported into your BW application where you will need to map your user groups, then you are ready to go.
+To import a file you must choose the "Upload Process" tab, select your file and press Upload.
+!!Editing Process Activities
+Now you can start to edit the process activities.
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+To do this scroll down to the "List of Processes" and click on the "activities" button for the process you want to edit.
+The screen below is made up of 4 sections:
+*The Process Toolbar
+*The Add/Edit activity form
+*The activity listing
+*The transition listing and form
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+''The Process Toolbar''
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+Shows the version number of the selected process
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+Shows a list of toolbar icons
+From left to right:
+*valid(green)/invalid(red) process
+*activities (link to activities screen)
+*edit (link to admin processes)
+*code (link to PHP code editing screen)
+*roles (link to roles editing screen)
+*graph (not used)
+*export (create *.xml format page for current process)
+*processes (shows process statistics)
+*monitor activities (shows activities statistics)
+*instances (shows process instance progress)
+*work items (shows work item statistics)
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+List of process errors that prevent validity
+(:eek:)Bear with me please....still under construction
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