History of Bitweaver Bounty

!Bounties for Bitweaver development.

If you want a new Bitweaver feature but don't have the time or skills to do <a href="http://www.wisetranslations.com/"> document translation </a> it yourself, consider offering a __Bounty__ for the work. Even if the bounty you offer by itself is not enough to motivate someone to do the work, once you create the bounty, others may add to it making it an attractive project for someone.

^Current Bounties Available:

* ((Bitweaver Bounty Template)) - A sample Bitweaver bounty entry / $0.00

* ((Bounty: Full Customisation for personal site)) - $100.00

* ((Bounty: R2 production site)) - $100.00

* ((Bounty: custom theme)) - $200.00

* ((Bounty: fix pdf creator)) - Export a wikibook to pdf doesn't seem to work (did it ever work in tikiwiki?) / $??.?

* ((Bounty: WarnMeBeforeILOSEmyEdit)) - Clicking a link on a page before saving is a leading cause of lost edits. Can we have a little warning popup to prevent this? / $??.?

* ((Bounty: BitForums)) - A bitweaver based forum package / $250.00 / closed

* ((Bounty: Various Moderation Related Features)) - Several functions to better facilitate and regulate distributed journalism on bitweaver / $400.00 / closed

* ((Bounty: Tags)) - Add tagging functionality to bitweaver / $600.00

!!-How to create a Bounty
Bounties are used by other successful open source projects. See: [http://www.voip-info.org/wiki-Asterisk+bounty|Asterisk Bounty] as an example.

* Login (Signup for a free login if you don't have one)
* View this page
* Click on the edit icon at the top of this page
* Add an entry to the list of existing bounties using the same format as the existing bounties
** For example: ~np~ ((Bitweaver Bounty My New Bounty Title)): short one line bounty description with total $ amount ~/np~
* Click the __save__ button
* Now you should see your bounty listed with a __+__ after it.
* Click on the __+__ to create a page for a detailed explanation of the bounty
* On this page enter:
** Description of the function requested
** How to contact the maintainer for this bounty
** The date this was started
** The status of the bounty: Open, coding, testing, closed
** The combined value of the bounty
** Desired license for the code (is it for everybody or just you?)
* Click the __save__ button

__Don't forget to announce the bounty on the bitweaver-core mailing list__

!!-How to collect a bounty

When you want to work on a bounty, first contact the maintainer. The maintainer will explain to you if there's already work going on somewhere and what happens if several people claim the bounty - who will win and under what conditions. This is really up to the maintainer to decide, usually together with the group of people that have added to the original bounty.

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