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Included Packages

This is the list of features you get when you download and install Bitweaver. Features come bundled in what we call Packages. There is a core set of Packages which all other Packages require, naturally we call these Required Packages. The rest are all optional, and you can turn them on or off depending on the features you would like on your site.

Add On Packages

There are additional Packages which for one reason or another are not included with the current release. These can be downloaded seperately and installed in Bitweaver. Visit the Add On Features page to see what is available.

Packages Currently Included In Bitweaver

Note: R Denotes Required Packages
Package Name
ImageKernelPackage R This is the core of bitweaver that initializes everything
ImageLibertyPackage R Unified CMS Engine which powers many other packages
InstallPackage R Required for installing bitweaver and adding packages in the future
ImageLanguagesPackage R Internationialization and multiple language support
ImageThemesPackage R Provides site look and feel templates
ImageUsersPackage R Manages user accounts and permissions
ImageArticlesPackage News and current events system
ImageBlogsPackage Personal web journals
ImageCalendarPackage Clean integrated calendar
CategoriesPackage Classification of content such as wiki, blogs, images
ImageFisheyePackageImage gallery system
GalaxiaPackage Workflow system
GatekeeperPackage Content access control system to support all LibertyContent
NewslettersPackage A powerful email marketing tool
ImageMessagesPackage Site messaging between users
MultisitesPackage Handle multiple domains with a single bitweaver installation
ImageNexusPackage Custom site menus
PdfPackageGenerate PDF documents from all LibertyContent
ImagePhpBBPackagePristine integration of phpBB with no schema of functionality alterations
ImagePigeonholesPackage Alternative categorization package with many enhancements over the original
ImageQuicktagsPackageCustomizable editing toolboars
ImageShoutboxPackageGuest book style message display for entire site and individual users
ImageSmileysPackageEditing toolbars to insert emoticons
ImageStatsPackage Site statistics
StickiesPackage Personal notation system that allows users to attach notes to LibertyContent
ImageWikiPackageCollaborative document system with versioning


icon Required package:
A core set of packages that other packages rely on.

icon Official Package:
Included in official Bitweaver releases.

icon Add-On Package:
Optional packages, not part of official Bitweaver releases.

icon Ready for production sites.
icon In development. Not all features might work as expected.
icon No longer officially maintained. Download, try and develop them!

icon Required "Core" Packages

These are known as the bitweavercore and can be obtained from CVS.
Package Description Maintainer
ImageiconInstallRequired for installing bitweaver and adding packages in the futurebitweaver team
ImageiconKernelMany system that initializes everythingbitweaver team
ImageiconLanguagesInternationialization and multiple language supportbitweaver team
ImageiconLibertyUnified CMS Engine which powers many packagesbitweaver team
ImageiconStorageThis package is used to store uploads and certain cached filesbitweaver team
ImageiconThemesManage themes and site layoutbitweaver team
ImageiconUsersManage users, login settings, groups and permissionsbitweaver team

icon Official Packages

These packages are included in the current release of Bitweaver.
Package Description Maintainer
ImageiconArticlesNews and current events systembitweaver team
ImageiconBlogsPersonal web journals/wjames
ImageiconCalendarClean integrated calendar/lsces
ImageiconFisheyeImage gallery system/spiderr
ImageiconGatekeeperContent access control system to support all LibertyContent/spiderr
ImageiconGeoAdd positional information to any content - works well with gmap/wjames
ImageiconGmapGoogle maps on steroids/wjames
ImageiconiLikePackageAnother search with the goal to be simple and quick for smaller sites/xing
ImageiconMessagesSite messaging between usersbitweaver team
ImageiconNexusCustom site menus/xing
ImageiconPdfGenerate PDF documents from all LibertyContentbitweaver team
ImageiconPigeonholesAlternative categorization package with many enhancements over the original/xing
ImageiconQuicktagsCustomizable editing toolboarsbitweaver team
ImageiconRSSGenerate RSS feed for your site and take in RSS feeds from other sitesbitweaver team
ImageiconSampleA package to help developers develop their own bitweaver packagesbitweaver team
ImageiconSearchA search package with indexingbitweaver team
ImageiconShoutboxGuest book style message display for entire site and individual usersbitweaver team
ImageiconSmileysEditing toolbars to insert emoticonsbitweaver team
ImageiconStarsContent rating/xing
ImageiconStatsSite statisticsbitweaver team
ImageiconStencilsGenerate templates that can be used to simply insert uniform data accross your site/spiderr
ImageiconTagsContent tagging/wjames
ImageiconTreasuryFile upload and management/xing
ImageiconWikiCollaborative document system with versioningbitweaver team

icon Add-On Packages

This is a list of Packages that are not included in the official releases of Bitweaver, but can be added later on. To use these Packages, getcode or from Note that they are in various stages of development. Before installing any of them, check its documentation. If you need further information, or are interested in woking on any of these packages, please get in touch with the package's maintainer.
Package Description Maintainer
ImageiconBitcommerceE-commerce system by Currently in late Alpha. Considered ready for production for advanced users./spider
iconBitsheetsPackageOnline spreadsheet package. Port of the TikiSheets package from TikiWiki./wolffy
ImageiconCategoriesClassification of content such as wiki, blogs, images
ImageiconEventsEvents integrated with the CalendarPackage/lsces /nickpalmer
ImageiconChatterboxOnline real-time chat/xing
iconFeedPackageFeed package that provides a Facebook style feed of user actions using Liberty's action logging feature/triggerb
ImageiconGalaxiaWorkflow system
ImageiconGroupsUsers create groups. Dependencies: LibertySecurePackage, ModComments, Switchboard, ModerationsPackage
ImageiconHotwordsAutomatically creates links from predefined keywords to predefined destinations.bitweaver team
ImageiconLibertySecureAds additional layer of security to content
ImageiconLuceneHigh speed/scaling searching from the Lucene project./spider
ImageiconMetaAssign key and value pairs to content.
ImageiconModCommentsHold comments for moderation either on a page by page basis or across a whole site.
ImageiconModerationA service package other packages can use to register events and content requiring moderation (see ModComments).
ImageiconMultisitesHandle multiple domains with a single bitweaver installation.bitweaver team
ImageiconPhpBBPristine integration of phpBB with no schema of functionality alterations
iconPodcastsCreate and manage podcast feeds.
ImageiconProtectorSecurity overlay that provides per content item access control based on a users group membership. ( User groups, not groups package )/lsces
ImageiconReBlogRSS Feed Aggregator that turns RSS Feed Items into Blog Posts
ImageiconShareThisMakes it easy to include the sharing widget from
iconSpamuraiSpam filtering system that makes use of Akismet/triggerb
ImageiconStickiesPersonal notation system that allows users to attach notes to LibertyContentbitweaver team
ImageiconSitehomeCreate a custom home page using all of bitweavers features plus a clean URL.
ImageiconSwitchboardA service package other packages can use to send emails, messages, and other forms of communication./nickpalmer /wjames
ImageiconStylistUI customization package. Once working, it was has sent back to the drawing board where it awaits more contributors./xing
ImageiconTinymceRich Text editor.
ImageiconXmlrpcXMLRPC communications librarybitweaver team
ImageiconYellowpagesManages listings of stuff
iconLibertyFormPackage containing a protoype of a forms handling infrastructure./dansut
iconAddressManage details of street addresses, and coding example of LibertyformPackage usage./dansut
iconPersonManage details about people, and coding example of LibertyformPackage usage./dansut

icon Obsolete Packages

For packages not compatible with Bitweaver R2, see the Features Boneyard. Developers may find something there they can work with. If you are interested in getting involved let us know in the Forum or IRC channel #bitweaver on
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