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-^''__NOTE:__ This is an unofficial documenation page. This is not the official place to find support yet. Please visit us on IRC #bitweaver on freenode network or go to our forums.''^
 !!Talk To Us
-!Mailing List
+The best way for you to get some help is to visit our [http://www.bitweaver.org/forums/|Forums]. There you can search the archives and get answers from core Bitweaver developers as well as members of the community. You can also ((ConnectingToIrc|Join Us On IRC)) channel #bitweaver on the freenode.net network. There you will find developers actively working on Bitweaver. Plan to hang around in IRC for a bit as we are often busy writing code, having lunch, sleeping, etc..., so it may take us a little while to get back to you. We will answer your question eventually. We also have ((MailingLists|Bitweaver Mailing Lists)) that you can get on.
+We have a growing ((Documentation|Documentation Section)), that includes Overviews of ((Bitweaver Overview|Bitweaver)) and the ((Bitweaver Framework|Development Framework)), an ((BitweaverFAQ|FAQ)), ((InstallbitweaverDoc|Installation Instructions)), [/pigeonholes/view.php?structure_id=170#members|Tutorials] and other useful stuff.
 !!Developer Support
+Visit our ((Developer Center)) for completely developer centric information.
+Bitweaver has a broad range of language support; the list is too long to present here. Of course as it is with all things translation wise, the quality and extent of a particular translation may vary. For more information visit our [/forums/viewforum.php?f=14|Internationalization forum].
 !!Bug Reports
+For bug reports and reporting bugs see our [/forums/viewforum.php?f=16|Bug Reports Forum]
-!!Professional Services and Hosting
-!!!Bitweaver Developers
-!!Feature Requests
-!!Bitweaver.org Problems
+!!How to NOT to get Support
+Don't post support questions to the comments of this page. We have many different ways to get support above. USE THEM! You can be certain core developers will NOT be checking the comments of this page for support questions.
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