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The following features were all part of TikiWiki. They were are all modularized and made fully functional for our RelaseZero. Currently, they have not been upgraded to bitweaverStandards however, it is likely that several features will be updated. Converting these features is a realitively small coding task, but thorough knowledge of PHP, OOD, and SQL is a must.

If you are interested in getting involved let us know in the Forum or IRC channel #bitweaver on

Status ReleaseOne
Information Handling
PackageBanners Working
PackageMiniCalendar Working functionality covered by upcoming CalendarPackage
PackageTikiCalendar Working functionality covered by upcoming CalendarPackage
PackageJSCalendar Working functionality covered by upcoming CalendarPackage
PackageCharts Working
PackageChat Working
Dynamic Content System Working
PackageDirectory Working
PackageDrawings Working
PackageEphemerides Working
PackageFAQs Working
PackageFeaturedLinks Working
PackageForumTiki Working ForumsResearch has multiple discussion threads about updating this package. TikiWiki 1.9 had significant work done to these. PhpBBPackage is a stable stable alternative
File Galleries Working
PackageGames Working
PackageHelpSystem Working
PackageLiveSupport Working
email Wiki and Article update Working
PackageMaps Working
PackageNewsreader Working
PackagePolls Working
PackageQuizzes Working
PackageTrackers Working
RDF RSS Working
Webmail Working

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