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-^"__We Are Sorry...__ but we currently do not have documentation for this page, however there is a draft tutorial which explains how to __((Pluggable Authentication Tutorial|build your own Authentication Plugin))__. Please bear with us as we update the Bitweaver Documentation."^
-^__Warning__: Authentication Plugins have not been released, and they may yet gain more features before the R2 Release^
+^__Warning__: Authentication Plugins have not been released, and they may yet gain more features before the R2 Release, only the Bitweaver Auth is fully tested in R2^
 !What Authentication Plugins Provide
+The method of authentication used to allow user login can be tailored as required by the use of authentication plugins. The key authentication methods are supported by existing plugins, but at present only the base bitweaver authentication has been fully tested.
 !How to use Authentication Plugins for Site Administrators
+The authentication methods being used for a site are configured from the administrators user login settings panel. Additional tabs will be provided on that page where configuration information is required for a plugin, such as the settings for accessing an LDAP server.
 !What plugins are available
-Bitweaver Auth|((AuthenticationPluginBit))|ldap|Normal Bitweaver Authentication
+Bitweaver Auth|((AuthenticationPluginBit))|bit|Normal Bitweaver Authentication
 LDAP Auth|((AuthenticationPluginLdap))|ldap|LDAP Authentication
-LDAP Auth|((AuthenticationPluginImap))|imap|IMAP Authentication||
+IMAP Auth|((AuthenticationPluginImap))|imap|IMAP Authentication
+Locate Auth|((AuthenticationPluginLocate))|locate|Provide additional information based on IP address
+Multisites Auth|((AuthenticationPluginMultisites))|multisite| Authentication including multisites restrictions checks||
+!!Extending facilities
+Overriding or extending the authentication system is outlined in ((Custom Authentication))
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