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Content in bitweaver is created and viewed using one of the bitweaver ((packages)) designed for that purpose.

!!Content Packages
((BlogsPackage|Blogs)) - multiple blogs with different owners and themes can be created.
((ArticlesPackage|Articles)) - the articles package helps create a ((news)) site, where articles can be submitted by any users, are reviewed by assigned editors, and posted for specific intervals of time.
((PHPBBPackage|Forums)) - Bitweaver uses [http://www.phpbb.com/|PHP BB] as a forums package. PHPBB does not integrate with bitweaver's content management (it does not use categories or wiki markup common to the other modules).
((WikiPackage|Wiki)) - there is one wiki database that can be divided and organized in any number of ways.

!!Service Packages
Content is managed and delivered by the service packages:

((LibertyPackage)) - which manages categories and renders content from various sources in the database.
((ProtectorPackage)) - managed permissions and security
((FisheyePackage)) - stores and manages images.
((PigeonholesPackage)) - manages content categories.

!!Creating content in Bitweaver

Each package uses its own ((content template)) for creating content. The way the content is displayed can be administered to a degree within the specific package features, and ultimately by the CSS, and one of the many ((template)) or .tpl files.

!!!Easy URLS for content creation.
Bitweaver keeps the urls for content creation simple and easy to remember.

Create articles at yoursite.com/articles/edit.php
Create blog posts at yoursite.com/blogs/post.php
Create wiki pages is done at yoursite.com/wiki/edit.php

!!!Composite Pages.
It is possible to create ((composite pages)) in bitweaver that are pieced together from other content types. For example, you might want to have the homepage of your site start out with an introductory blurb at the top (editable as a wiki page), and then have the page break into two columns, with blog entries on the left and a list of news articles on the right. To go one step further you might want special graphics/banners placed above and below the content.

Composite pages are created using ((Plugins)), specifically the "include", "split" (ok this does not exist yet but it should soon) "article" and . . . .

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