History of Style Uploads

^Please note that the TreasuryPackage is still in it's testing phase. it hasn't been tested much yet and things might be unstable.^

! Upload new site or icon style
If you haven't created a new site or icon style yet, but want to, please visit ThemesTutorial, StyleLayouts and IconStyles for details.

!! Site styles
If you've already created your own style I assume you know where to find them:
{code title="Site Style Directory"}
// Site Styles
cd themes/styles/

!! Preparing a site style for upload
The easiest is to look at existing styles to see how they are set up and what they should contain. Here is a short description of what a site style called foo should generally look like:

!!! Site style required files
A site style requires an appropriately named CSS file.
{code title="Site Style called foo"}
// Required files

!!! Site style recommended files
To provide information on the ((Themes Manager)) page, we recommend you include a brief description of the style and who designed it - please provide the license if appropriate and a preview image. The preview image should not exceed 160 pixels in width.
{code title="Site Style called foo"}
// Recommended files

!!! Site style optional files for the upload
You can place some screen shots or related images into the style_info directory. This will help users decide on what style they want to use. Only a total of 3 of the screen shots will be used by bitweaver. You need to name them like this:
# screenshot1.<ext>
# screenshot2.<ext>
# ...
{code title="Site Style called foo"}
// Optional - purely for the upload

!! Icon styles
As you probably already know, icon styles are found here
{code title="Icon Style Directory"}
// Icon Styles
cd themes/icon_styles/

!!! Icon style required files
Strictly speaking there are no required files in the icon style directory. All you need is correctly named icons in the large/ and small/ subdirectories.

!!! Icon style recommended files
The optional files work the same way as they do with the site styles. Please see [#Sitestylerecommendedfiles|recommended files] and [#Sitestyleoptionalfilesfortheupload|optional files] above.

!! Create the archive
Please go to the directory containing the style(s) you want to upload and create an archive of the directory. There you should create an archive of the styles you want to share - please only put one style per archive.

{code title="Creating the archive"}
// create the archive
tar -zxf <my_style>.tar.gz <my_style>
The archives can be of varying types including these common ones: zip, rar, tar, gzip, bz2, tar.gz ...

!! Upload style
Now you can upload your custom styles in the appropriate gallery by visiting [/treasury/upload.php|the upload page]. Please make sure you check the checkbos that this is a style of some sort. This will extract the preview image and the screenshots to make them available for viewing.
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