Since the notes in the PHP manual seem a little lacking I though I'd include a note here on configuring the pspell functions in Windows PHP. This module is required in order to access the bnspell AJAX package from within bitweaver.
!!Download and Install ASpell Win32
It would be interesting to know if there is a later windows build of aspell, since this seems to be some 4 years old.
[|aspell win32]
This gets iinstalled by running the installer, and puts the program in Program Files\Aspell\ by default. The aspell-15.dll needs copying to the windows execution path. The PHP directory is probably the tidiest place, but \system32 may be required. ( Need to check this now that I'm running )
!!Install a Dictionary / Dictionaries
[|Windows Dictionaries] has a number of dictionaries for use with the package. I downloaded the English one, but need to check if I have British rather than American.
Running the dictionary installer copies all the files to the place that aspell was installed.
!!Enable the pspell extension
Getting the spelling right
{code source=PHP}extension=php_pspell.dll
needs adding to the php.ini directory to enable the package, and Apache needs restalling to pick it up.
This should give an single line entry in the phpinfo report for __pspell__ that PSpell Support is enabled.
!!Test the installation
Copy the following code to a php page that you can run.
{code source=PHP}
echo "Check Spelling Installation";
$pspell_link = pspell_new("en");
if (pspell_check($pspell_link, "colour"))
{ echo "This is a valid spelling"; }
{ echo "Sorry, wrong spelling"; }
This confirms that the GB spellings are being used by my setup. Change the en to your selected language, and use an appropriate test word in the pspell_check statement.
!!PHP Functions
This allows the access to [|pspell fuctions] in PHP
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