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-! Boards Rocks!
 The boards package is a forum package for bitweaver that is well integrated via LibertyServices and LibertyComments. It provides a way to link comments on any content into a forum in the boards package as well as have unlinked forums and topics in the package itself.
 Boards is also integrated with the Pigeonholes package. Boards may be categorized into various categories and will show up within the boards home sorted according to the categories that they are in.

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 Boards is very new and still a work in progress but the integration into the rest of bitweaver makes it a compelling alternative to ((phpBBPackage|phpBB)).
-!Mailing List Sync
-Boards has a feature allowing full bi-direction synchonrization between an internet mailing list and a message board.
-There are two components that must be configured for this to work properly:
+!!Synchronization with Mailing List
+Boards has a feature allowing full bi-direction synchronization between an internet mailing list and a message board.
-!!List to Board Synchonization
-This component ensures emails sent on the mailing list are mirrored on the message board.
+See the ((BoardsEmailListConfig)) page for details on how to use [http://www.gnu.org/software/mailman/index.html|Mailman] in conjunction with boards.
+This roadmap is loosely being pursued, and is also a place for developers to list things they would be interested in contributing to. Please do not add to this list if you are not a developer and can not contribute code. If you have a feature idea just post it to the comments
+* Completely modularize the mailman hooks so that mailman is not a requirement
+* Develop native mail handing using ((SwitchboardPackage))
+* Wire to support subboards like phpbb
+* Rework portion of Topic list queries which gets count of posts in topic, the subselect is slow
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