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 Boards has a feature allowing full bi-direction synchronization between an internet mailing list and a message board.
 See the ((BoardsEmailListConfig)) page for details on how to use [http://www.gnu.org/software/mailman/index.html|Mailman] in conjunction with boards.
+This roadmap is loosely being pursued, and is also a place for developers to list things they would be interested in contributing to. Please do not add to this list if you are not a developer and can not contribute code. If you have a feature idea just post it to the comments
+* Completely modularize the mailman hooks so that mailman is not a requirement
+* Develop native mail handing using ((SwitchboardPackage))
+* Wire to support subboards like phpbb
+* Rework portion of Topic list queries which gets count of posts in topic, the subselect is slow
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