There are three ways to override authentication in bitweaver:

#The easiest method is to define a function using the gOverrideLoginFunction global variable in your kernel/config_inc.php named bit_login_override. It should {code language="php}
global $gOverrideLoginFunction;
$gLightWeightScan = TRUE;
$gOverrideLoginFunction = 'bit_login_override';
function bit_login_override() {
// determine bitweaverUserId from some foreign database
return $biweaverUserId;
# The second option is to create a custom authentication plugin. See ((Pluggable Authentication Tutorial))
# The third and most powerful is to overide the BitPermUser class with a custom class and do your work. This will mean your gBitUser is an object of a class by your own making. See ((Custom Authentication Tutorial)).
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