Differences from version 4 to 11

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+* __BUG:__ Populate this site feature during package install does not first create a blog
+!!Future Considerations
-There is some feature called activity which is a magic number that tries to represent "activity" on a blog. This was something started in tikiwiki but not finished before the port to bitweaver. We should either remove it from the schema or figure out what the feature was meant to be.
+This was something started in tikiwiki but not finished before the port to bitweaver. Activity ratings can be achieved through other queries, there is a variety of information available about blogs, posts, hits which can be used to evaluate the activity of a blog or a user. However the activity columns still exist in the schema.
 Not dissimilar to activity, rankings attempts to rate the activity of a blog. There are currently two rankings "latest posts" which is silly since we have a page for that and "most visited blog" There are numerous interesting queries which could be added that are missing like most blog posts, authors with most posts, authors with most reads, blog with most posts, posts with most reads, etc... These should be easy to add to rankings.php

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 !!!Create Blog Confusing
 Some users find the create blog page confusing. We should add a help at the top that explains they are creating a blog not a post.
-!!!Categories in blogs
-There is some old crusty CATEGORIES stuff in blogs that should be removed.
+!!Wishful Thinking
 !!!API support for desktop editors
 Support for ATOM or similar API's so desktop editors like [http://ecto.kung-foo.tv/|ecto] or [http://www.qumana.com/download.htm|Qumana] can be used.
+!!Completed Upgrades
+!!!Purge Categories from Blogs
+All Old Categories references have been purged from blogs. Service connections are now in place to allow categorization.
+!!!publish_date and expire_date added
+* have been added in the editing interface and schema and tpls.
+!!!New Content Permissions Integrated
+* permissions added to schema and update and changelog
+* perms and query checks integrated throughout the package
+!!!User Blogs
+* posts automatically trackable and sortable and displayable by user
+* new center module can be used to display user posts as a "user blog"
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