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^This package is only available for R2 and is currently in beta development^
Tags package lets you tag content with key words and then search for content by those key words. You can view all tags as a cloud visually weighted by use and they are sortable by use and alphabetically.

!!Get it
You can get the Tags Package by checking out module _bit_tags from cvs.

!!Still In Development
!!!Things that still need to be done before this package can become part of main distribution:
* Proper sanitation of tags during storage - right now spaces at ends are not cleaned off for example tags: "cats, dogs" == tags["cats"," dogs"]
* Editing interface for removing particular tags from a content object
* Admin option to create exception for comments so comments can not be tagged

!!!Features that would be nice to add but not required for release
* List content by matching on multiple tags inclusively, e.g. get content where tags = foo AND bar.
* Way to allow people to tag content outside of editing the content - ie not on content creation but just generally
* Better tag visual scaling - current formula uses extreme sizes when there are few tags and tagged content items, would be better do default to medium sizes.
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