History of GroupsPackage

^This package is under development and will be built to work with R2^

!Road Map
!!Group Creation and Access:
* User Created Groups — Ability for users with the right permission to create a new group.
* Public Groups — Ability to create groups which any site member can subscribe and post to the group.
* Announce Only — Ability to create groups which anybody can read but you must be subscribed in order to post to it.
* Private Groups — Ability to create groups which require an invitation to read and post to.
* View When Invited — User can view groups they have been invited to and accept or reject the invitation.
* List Group Option — admin can control if group is listed in the website's groups list
* Various Admin Controls for Content authoring, messaging, adding files, inviting, message moderation (TODO – list based on google groups Access options)
* View Member Control — admins can control if members only can view members or if anyone can view members

!!Group Administration:
* Content Type Selection — group admins can select which content types group members can create/use in their group (blogs, maps, wiki pages, etc)
* Per Content Item Permissions – group admins can designate if content within public content groups is private and public - so that access can be limited on per content item basis
* Message Moderation — admins can moderate messages, including ability to delegate moderation ability to a subset of group members.
* Group Manager Email Blasts — admins can email members

!!General Features:
* Group Home — Lists Content added to the group as well as comments by group members. For example a list of groups galleries, groups blogs etc will be on the groups's home page.
* Display Group Created Content as within Group – for example display blog posts created by the group at the groups url.
* Group Listing and Search — Ability to list and search groups as well as browse by category.
* Comments -> Email — Ability to send comments on the group via Email. Members will be able to opt in or out of receiving such messages.
* Email -> Comments — Ability to send email to comments on the group.
* Files Manager - Central repository of files uploaded to the group

!!Group Look and Feed Management:
* Per Group Theme — each group can select a look and feel for its pages.
* Per Group Layout — each group can customize module assignment
* Per Group Language — each group can be displayed in the language used by the group.

!Development Schedule
This schedule contains target dates. We may miss them, or we may get it done sooner.

^Basic Group Creation and Membership: __Jan 30, 2008__
* admin type of group (public/private)
* membership signup and moderation
* group listing within the site
* basic posting of messages to group^

^Content Control and Email Messaging: __February 28, 2008__
* content type selection
* per-content permission control
* uploading files
* membership invitation features
* posting messages by email
* receiving messages by email^

^Group Customization: __March 30, 2008__
* assignable permissions to members
* configuration of group home content
* displaying content as within group
* group theming, layout, and language selection^
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