2.1 will not run on windows - out of the box.

1/ BitSystem 1549 - finfo_open needs the full path to the windows copy of magic.mime
See - [http://pecl.php.net/bugs/bug.php?id=7555|http://pecl.php.net/bugs/bug.php?id=7555]

2/ LibertySystem 576 - veriftMimeType fails because windows temporary file all have .tmp extension.
Simply commenting out line allows the original correct mime type to be passed on. Not sure why you need to verify the copy anyway?

3/ Not specifically 2.1, but format.pearwiki_general.php causes a silent crash which seems to be due to the windows PEAR installation.

4/ Currently slecting download on a treasury image causes a silent crash. Not investigated fully yet.

5/ Have added a view_grid.php and template to treasury. Still needs a little work, but it does provide the fisheye grid view of images stored in treasury galleries. This should simply replace view.php, once the extra settings can be controlled, but grid layout in fisheye is by gallery and I'm not sure that is possible/required for treasury?
Only missing thing so far is 'Original' as a display option, but this I think needs adding to the LM default.
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