History of FisheryPackage

Having found problems with ((TreasuryPackage|treasury)) working on ((MultistiesPackage|multisites)), some of the difficulties of ring fencing content have come to the front again. ((TreasuryPackage|treasury)) has a problem with it's gallery display which is reliant on LibertyStructures. This does not allow for filtering of content, and so all galleries from all sites are displayed rather than the reduced set that relate to a single site, and more important those galleries that a user has permission to access via protector or a similar security service. fisheye still has some problems but it does at least only display a sub set of galleries when required.
Obviously these problems need fixing, but since other facilities are also required, a short term solution has been to combine some of the features of both rolled into a new package - fishery.
!!Outline of requirements
fisheye has already been extended to provide a list view in addition to the three grid views, and so one of the requirements had already been covered.

To be expanded - Basic premise is that ANY content item will be handled and can be added to a gallery, not just fishery attachments.
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