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PluginDBReport has the full documentation on this plugin.

Plugin has been tested with existing CMS9 reports and is giving tidy results, but as yet not all facilities have been tested.


  1. Code is still in tikiwiki style, and has a lot of undeclared variables some of which have already been tidied to allow php.ini display_errors=on
  2. Need some way of getting back in to edit SQL when the saved scrip has a fault. This currently gives a white screen / or error display and does not allow access to the raw text. Edit still runs the plugin and I suspect that this should be disabled unless preview has been selected. This may be a tw facility that needs updating.
  3. Document style information relating to table creation. odd/even is working on my profile, but group header style needs addressing.
  4. Ideally this should be usable in an html page, but at present fckeditor strips the new lines which are needed to format the report layout ( I think ) - there is a similar problem with using {code} in html pages.
  5. Not part of the dbreport plugin, but something that I need to add. Generate a CSV copy of the data which can be downloaded. Plan to add a csv=1 flag to enable adding a download button for the data.
  6. Add paginate function to restrict report output to manageable chunks without having to implement it in the actual SQL. This should be able to pass {pagination} to the internal query.

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