History of Tracker Research

Differences from version 3 to 8

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 ! Product !! Technicals !! SCM !! The Good !! The Bad
+|Redmine + Mysql, Postgres
+|cvs, svn, git, more
+|Very clean UI, completely customizable priorities and statuses, [http://www.redmine.org/wiki/redmine/Plugin_List|lots of plugins]
+|Setting up roles and workflows can be cumbersome, Ruby
 |PHP + Mysql (postgres and other db's are 'experimental')
 |Simple straightforward bugtracking, has been around for nearly 10 years, IN YOUR FACE list of issues - no digging around for things
-|Ugly, sub-optimal UI
+|Ugly, sub-optimal UI, cannot modify Resolution, Priority, and other attribute values
 |Java 1.5 SDK+

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 |EXPENSIVE for > 10 people. A monster black hole. Agile cards are weird, and don't go away. Issue listing is always a search. Many clicks to see issues
+|Python + SQLite or Postgres (mysql experimental)
 |All the cool kids use it,
 |Filtered search for listing,wiki is not terribly useful, and can't be disabled. No defaults, milestone oriented. Many clicks to see issues, __command line interface__ for basic tasks like renaming milestones, etc.

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 |svn (in Corporate version)
-|Very feature rich - complete project management package, pretty, Ajaxified
+|Very feature rich - complete project management package, pretty, Ajaxified, nice GUI editor when editing tasks
 |Overbearying organization - Project -> Milestone -> Ticket. Drill Baby, Drill. Many clicks to see issues.
+|PHP + MySQL, Postgres
+|Jabber Integration, flexible & easy configuration of types of reports, resolutions, configuration, more
+|Not templated, poor code. Low activity project.
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