Feature of the Month, is a method to help refine bitweaver and its features in a focused effort.

It was discussed on IRC - #bitweaver, that maybe a vote be taken to choose a feature for the month, where TP developers choose a feature or package and carry out the following process.
# Vote for the feature in question
# Brainstorm on IRC, forums, bitweaver-developers list, etc for:
** new ideas
** standardisations
** prioritisations
** analysis
** design
# Upgrade to the latest version from original source
# Remove commented code for cleanliness
# Implement new ideas and standardisations
# Create User documentation and FAQ
# Create Technical documentation
# Bug hunting, clicking all the links, testing under different databases, clients and platforms - performed on IRC to encourage community
# Test, test, test

Sounds simple enough - if you have comments, please post onto the bitweaver-developers mailing list.

In a similar role as a Release Manager, maybe we can have a temporary Feature Manager to guide the process.

::__List of Features is in ((bitweaverFeatures))__::

-=Past FOTMs=-
* Wiki

-=Current FOTMs=-
* Newsletters
* Blogs
* Image/File Galleries
* Articles
* FAQs
* MyTiki
* Trackers
* Directory
* Themes
* Forums

-=Future FOTMs=-
* Install
* Galaxia Workflow
* Chat
* Polls
* Games
* Quizzes/Surveys
* Games
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