Forums Module behaviour/forum navigation.

Bobby Richardson
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Forums Module behaviour/forum navigation.

Posted:25 Jul 2008 (21:29 UTC)
Might be interesting to make it collapsible, & stick in a mini menu so that after posting, one wouldn't have to go back out to the entire forums listing. Something like:

Boards Home -
--Back to {this} board listing.
--Jump to {board=x}

The main benefit I see would be reduced server load because a visitor wouldn't have to drill back down to whatever board they were reading if they commented on a post. Plus, it would mimic the behaviour of other (phpBB based) boards, which would give new visitors a familiar look & feel.
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Re: Forums Module behaviour/forum navigation.

Posted:26 Jul 2008 (09:35 UTC)
This is more of a BoardsPackage feature request I think.

However, it is true that boards package is still very simple. On the one hand, I think there is lot of people that love the fact there finally native bitweaver boards and the do not have to hassle with phpBB integration (which was somewhat painful). On the other hand of course, we can not hide that the package is really simple and does not give a functionality of a decent forum and threfore will need a major expansion in the future.
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