Everything Open Source


Everything Open Source

Posted:15 Sep 2008 (03:37 UTC)
Hello fellow bitweavers!

The original idea was to build a site that was essentially a collection of open-source projects; alas, an organized collection that can be easily perused by both users and developers alike. Let's just say that it ended up a *bit* bigger than that.

After two long years of building it up and tearing it down, tweaking ideas, themes, categories, etc. it has evolved into . . . >http://oss.zentu.net


  • shawnee throws confetti and blows a kazoo*

There are still a few things to be accomplished, but with almost 600 projects to date — including bitweaver, of course — and dozens being added every day, it's definitely off to a good start. If anyone notices a major blunder, miscategorization, broken link, obvious non open-source project included, please do let me know; allow me to chalk it up to hacking on lack of sleep. Otherwise, please enjoy the free advertising! (:biggrin:)

Re: Everything Open Source

Posted:15 Sep 2008 (03:44 UTC)
P.S. Apologies if I posted this in the incorrect forum.
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